It’s the little things…

D During this holiday season, I am reminded of just how big the “little things” really are. A kind word at the right time, a meal to someone hungry, a blanket to someone cold — “small” gestures with huge impact. In that instant, the recipient feels seen and cared for. At Cancer CAREpoint, we see these acts of kindness on a regular basis. Earlier this month, the National Charity League’s Almaden Blossom Valley Chapter used their monthly meeting to make blankets for our CARE Kits to be delivered to local cancer patients. Along with the blankets, these kits are filled with items that bring a little bit of comfort to those going through chemotherapy or radiation. An hour of the NCL chapter’s time brings a moment of caring, comfort, and community to 100 cancer patients during their treatments.
Boutique BagConversely, sometimes one person can have an enduring impact on many. One of our longtime volunteers wanted to find a way to make sure our Wig Bank clients receive the special care that they would have received in our Resource Center, even if the service is being offered virtually. This volunteer found a way to deliver that personal touch even though we are physically distant.  She created beautiful “gift bags” for us to use when we deliver the wigs and head coverings. Everything is beautifully wrapped with care, just as you would do when giving a gift to a special person in your life. I recently received an email from a friend of a Wig Bank recipient that underscores what this “little” detail means:

“My friend  said that even though the experience was all virtual that she felt well cared for.  She was pleasantly delighted when the “gift bag” arrived containing her wig, wig-stand, and other goodies, including herbal tea. The little touches made all the difference to her; because the little things really are the big things in the middle of this pandemic. My friend felt special and a little bit normal again.” 

These two stories are just a few examples of our generous community members giving of their time, talent, and treasure. This community support, even amid two pandemics, fuels my optimism as we look towards 2021. There are many little ways that you can make a big difference to those in our community. Think about your passions and how you can make a difference sharing some of your time, your talents or your treasures.  However and wherever you decide to share your gifts , I wish you and yours a happy, healthy, and hopeful New Year…filled to the brim with “the little things.”

Dawn Hogh, Executive Director

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