Little Things Matter in Big Ways

During this holiday season, I am reminded of just how big the “little things” really are. Maybe it’s offering a kind word at the right time, a meal to someone who is hungry, or a warm blanket to stave off the cold. No matter how little” that gesture may feel when you make it, in that instant, the recipient feels seen and cared for.

At Cancer CAREpoint, we see these acts of kindness on a regular basis. Earlier this month, the National Charity League’s Almaden Blossom Valley Chapter used their monthly meeting to make cozy and warm no-sew blankets for our CARE Kits. In addition to blankets, we include patient essentials like lip balm, lotion, a writing journal, a coloring book and pencils, to bring comfort to patients (and caregivers) who are going through chemotherapy or radiation.

In just one hour, a “little thing” like making a blanket, made a big difference in the lives of 100 clients. 

Dawn Hogh, Executive Director

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