Class and Program Registration

Welcome to our registration system.

  • If you’d like to register for classes online, you will need to create a login for our registration system.  Please watch this video to walk through the simple steps involved.
  • If you have questions about our online scheduler, please review our Frequently Asked Questions below or call us at 408.402.6611 or email [email protected].

    If you do not wish to register online, you are welcome to call or email us and our staff will be happy to register you for programs.

  • To make an individual appointment (counseling, guided imagery consultation, massage), please fill out the appointment form or call us at 408.402.6611 or email [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Cancer CAREpoint changing its registration process?
Today’s registration process makes it challenging for patients to know what classes that they’ve registered for.  They have to sift through emails or make multiple calls to Cancer CAREpoint to clarify their registrations.  With our new scheduling system, patients can login and find out exactly what classes or programs that they are registered for, as well as being able to register for a wide variety of classes themselves without having to make phone calls or send multiple emails.

Why do I have to login to use the calendar? 
Logging in gives you the capability to register for programs and classes at your convenience.  It will also give you the ability to review your registrations.  If you don’t wish to create a login to register, you can still call 408.402.6611 and we’ll be happy to assist you in registering for programs.

Can I register for everything online?
No, individualized services, such as wig bank, massage, energy work, and guided imagery consultations will need to be scheduled through our staff.  Counseling appointments will continue to be scheduled in response to an email request (either directly or through our website) or a phone call.

Is my information secure?
Yes.  Cancer CAREpoint’s website utilizes HTTPS which provides three key layers of protection: encryption, authentication,and data integrity.  In addition, Cancer CAREpoint treats all patient information as private and secure and does not share information with any mailing lists or other providers.