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I am running the Zion 100 Mile Ultra Marathon! 

What is it like to run 100 mountainous trail miles? Is it even possible?! Running such an incredible distance has been a bucket list dream goal of mine for several decades.  What does it take to accomplish? Essentially it takes everything that a cancer patient needs. It takes planning, proper nutrition, adapting your body and mind to accept the stresses, overcoming doubt, and surviving the inevitable low points that will occur. It takes a positive attitude and the support of people who believe in you, care for you, and are there to lift your spirits when needed. It takes surrounding yourself with a community of experts dedicated to helping you with the resources you need to succeed.

I plan to carry the names of 100 cancer honorees with me to remember their personal challenges when I need a little more inspiration to keep moving forward. That begins with my father overcoming lung cancer and my mother currently diagnosed with leukemia. If you have someone you would like to honor, I am asking for a sponsorship of $100 or more and all proceeds will benefit the great work of Cancer CAREpoint which provides services for cancer patients, survivors, friends and family members persevering through their own journey towards wellness.

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