Support Groups

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Support groups can help patients, caregivers, and family members and survivors? cope with the range of feelings and concerns brought on by a cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment. Some groups focus on specific types of cancer, or stage of diagnosis. All provide a space for support and engagement with others who have similar experiences, allowing for connection and information sharing.

If you would like information on our current groups please check the program and service calendar for descriptions, times, and dates.

For new clients:

 First time joining a specific group?

  • If you are new to a group, the facilitator will need to connect with you prior your first group meeting to talk about what to expect from the group and to ensure that this is the right group for you. We ask that you contact us to register for a group at least two business days in advance so we can be sure to make that connection in time.

    Support Group Guidelines

    • If this is your first time in a support group, or if you would like a refresher, our support group guidelines are available here. We hope these guidelines provide a good overview of what you should expect, and what is expected of you as a participant when you engage with any support groups at Cancer CAREpoint.