Mind-body Skills

Mind-body Skills Introduction

To learn more about Mind-body Skills please watch this video.

Mind-body Skills Classes and Groups

Cynthia Mc Donald, Ph.D., a certified clinical and medical hypnotherapist, holds various classes and groups on mind-body skills.

  • Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) to Manage Fear and Anxiety
  • Self-Reiki for Peace and Healing
  • Using Imagery to Trust Your Inner Wisdom
  • Mind-body Skills for Stress Reduction
  • Meditation
  • Sleep Seminar
  • The Mind-body Connection and Healing
  • Mindful Breathing

Please check our online classes page for specific classes, groups and times. You can also view the PDF of our current calendar using the link in the page sidebar. Registration required.


Guided Imagery Podcasts

Learn meditation tools to help you relax and cope with cancer treatment. Cancer CAREpoint has online Guided Imagery podcasts for your immediate use.

Guided Imagery Consultations

Guided Imagery is a visualization technique for aiding patients and caregivers through the use of mental imagery. Because it can help reduce stress, anxiety and sleeplessness, patients use guided imagery to help them prepare for treatment, medical appointments and other cancer related procedures. It is  facilitated by a trained psychologist.

Consultations are available by appointment. Please call 408.402.6611 or email or use our online form to schedule an appointment.