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Farmer’s Market Tour with Stephanie Figeira, Nutritionist

Anzonette Pittet, RD, presents a practical approach to plant-based/whole foods eating

Learn how to navigate the grocery store, simplify meal preparation, use herbs and spices, and what are plant-based proteins. You don’t have to go vegan to enjoy the benefits of more fruits and veggies.

Lunch with a Social Worker: HIPPA and You

Learn more about what HIPPA is, and what you should know regarding access to your medical information. Morrigan Bruce, Director of Programs talks with Cherry Aslarona, M.A., AMFT, Survivorship Program Coordinator.

Cancer Care Point
en Comunidad del Valle

Cecilia Carranza, CCP Outreach Manager, discusses Cancer CAREpoint with Telemundo’s Damian Trujillo.

Cancer & Your Pelvis

Malinda Marshall, PT, MPT, and Morrigan Bruce, Director of Programs, discuss cancers that might impact your pelvis and interventions to help patients cope.

Cancer CAREpoint’s Wig Bank

Cecilia Carranza, Cancer CAREpoint’s Outreach Manager, explains how Cancer CAREpoint’s Wig Bank works and what expect during an appointment.

How to Talk to Someone with Cancer

Debbie Chinchiolo, MSW, and Morrigan Bruce, Director of Programs, discuss how to talk to your friends and acquaintances with cancer and let them know that you care.

We’ve put together a PDF that has tips for how to talk to someone with cancer as well as additional online resources.

cannabis plant

Rob and Morrigan visit a local cannabis dispensary: what did they learn?

The first issue we encountered when we decided to go to a cannabis dispensary was how to figure out which one to go to.  We asked some health professionals we know  >> Read More

Cancer Nutrition Q&A Live

This session is for informational purposes only. Always consult with your medical provider if you make any dietary changes or if you plan to take any herbs or supplements. Thank you.

Posted by Cancer CAREpoint on Monday, October 8, 2018

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