Meditation & Guided Imagery

Meditation has been shown to be helpful in dealing with stress and anxiety and is beneficial to cancer patients and their caregivers. Cancer CAREpoint offers group meditation classes where participants can learn how to meditate as well as improve their existing meditation skills.

Photo by Massonstock/iStock / Getty Images

Guided Imagery is a visualization technique for aiding patients and caregivers through the use of mental imagery. Because it can help reduce stress, anxiety and sleeplessness, patients use guided imagery to help them prepare for treatment, medical appointments and other cancer related procedures. It is offered both in individual and group sessions and facilitated by a trained psychologist.

Join Cynthia McDonald, a certified clinical & medical hypnotherapist, in a session to explore the power of the mind-body connection.

Consultations are provided by Cynthia Mc Donald, a certified clinical & medical hypnotherapist, on Tuesdays for customized, positive mental imagery to help with surgery, chemo or other concerns.

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