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Gentle Movement

Studies have found that cancer patients who engage in moderate exercise each week experience significant benefits, both physical and emotional.  Not only does their overall health improve, by taking positive action they feel more in control of their lives.  The Gentle Movement classes at Cancer CAREpoint provide an opportunity for cancer patients of all ages and fitness levels to engage in exercises they can handle.

An easy, gentle, fun class designed to move to music and increase flexibility using the Rosen Method. Bring a towel and pillow and wear comfortable clothes.


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Yoga classes offered to Cancer CAREpoint clients are specifically designed for cancer patients and survivors to improve circulation of blood, increase energy and reduce chronic pain.  The classes are adaptable for all levels of health and physical mobility.  Yoga can help alleviate depression, anxiety and insomnia as well as boost mood and outlook. 

We offer a traditional, gentle, on-the-floor class which is designed especially for cancer patients and focused on achieving balance between body and mind.

Learn more about yoga and the help for cancer patients in spiritual and emotional ways here.


This class will use stretching, active & passive movements and form work. Slow rhythmic movements to unify body, energy and mind.

Finding Balance Exercise Class

This class promotes strength and balance.