2021 Very Merry Un-Garden Party: FAQs

Curiouser and curiouser

What’s new?

Garden party  → Very Merry Un-Garden Party

Single day, in person party  → Unique virtual and live activities throughout August

Live and Silent Auctions  → Online Auction only

In-person raffle  →  Multiple raffles with on-line drawings

Ticket purchases  → No tickets required

Curiouser and Curiouser …

What can I expect?

There are no tickets to a party, no zoom or virtual single event, nor date to hold on your calendar. Very Merry Un-Garden Party activities will take place throughout the month of August. All engagement will take place via released videos, social media, email and our website. Some activities will be available to the public; however Sponsors will have access to many more surprises, including a Sponsor Reception to be held once we can safely gather again!  Guests will receive information weekly throughout August via direct email, updates on our website, and through social media.

What is the goal of the Very Merry Un-Garden Party?

As our primary fundraiser, we aim to raise $750,000 this year through your sponsorships, auction bids, raffle, and general donations. And with so many activities out in the community this year, we also aim for greater public awareness about the programs of Cancer CAREpoint available to anyone impacted by a cancer diagnosis.

How can I participate?

We are so glad you asked! You can be a sponsor of the Very Merry Un-Garden Party to access the most the month has to offer…and then some!

You do not need to sponsor to participate, and you are welcome to join us as a virtual party guest.  Register here to receive emails about the Very Merry Un-Garden Party, have access to raffle tickets, the online auction, and early notification about all August activity!

Or you can Follow the White Rabbit throughout the month of August on our webpage, Facebook, and Instagram to find out what’s going on.

Of course, you can always support the Very Merry Un-Garden Party with a donation.

What is the Sponsor Reception?

Once we ascertain we can safely host a large gathering, we will host an in-person reception with our Very Merry Un-Garden Party sponsors to celebrate. We anticipate a mid-fall date, and will notify sponsors once determined. Single tickets will not be available for this Reception. Sponsors will receive a select number of tickets based on Sponsorship Level as outlined here.

How will the Un-Garden Party be like the Garden Party?

This year’s adventure will retain many of the core elements of our annual Garden Party, including the fun, the fundraising, and many familiar faces. The Un-Garden party enables us to share Cancer CAREpoint’s mission and work with a broad audience. In distinctive Garden Party fashion, you can expect to see beautiful gardens and estates, enjoy the best dining the South Bay has to offer, and bid on one-of-a-kind items in the online auction.

So…why the Very Merry Un-Garden Party?

In consideration of a variety of issues, including guests’ health and safety, changing county and state guidelines, and “Zoom fatigue”, we felt the most responsible action to take was to forego a large in-person event for the summer of 2021, nor to host a virtual one again.

Yet the need to raise funds and awareness for our work continues to grow. With these factors in mind, vaccinations increasing and county restrictions on businesses loosening, we know there is growing optimism as we approach the summer. So we have created a month-long virtual adventure inspired by the whimsy of Alice in Wonderland. Throughout the month of August, guests will be invited to participate in a wide variety of opportunities to raise a glass, share a meal, hear from special guests, raise funds, purchase raffle tickets and bid on exciting auction items.

Cancer CAREpoint’s Annual Garden Party History

In 2012, an early supporter of Cancer CAREpoint (CCP) decided to host a garden party to introduce local friends and family members to the services provided by CCP. At that event generous guests decided it would be wonderful to make donations to support and help grow the only community-based non-profit in the Bay Area to provide free non-medical support services to patients and their families coping with a cancer diagnosis.

From that point forward Cancer CAREpoint has been honored to host our annual Garden Party at the homes of some of the valley’s most notable families. Additionally, our guest speakers have been some the area’s most successful business leaders. From that small party in 2012 which raised $17,000, the Garden Party has grown to a beautiful event that raised over $1,000,000 for Cancer CAREpoint in both 2018 and 2019.

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